Architecture Challenge

Architecture Challenge

frineds 2-1

Workshop Group with I-FDC and M-CDC students

Some of the IFDC and MCDC members took part of the Angewandte Architecture Challenge 2014 “Polymer Folding Scapes”.  Participants designed and built a full-scale structure after testing possibilities of new materials -in this case Polymer Concrete- and with the use of computational parametric tools for design, structural optimization and construction.

Graduation SS2014

Graduation SS 2014


The ceremony in our campus

New IFDC graduates. In a ceremony in our campus at Detmold we have new Façade Masters. Wish you all the best Arezou, Barbara, Alamir, Maan and Endrias!

Bath workshop

Workshop in University of Bath

Interaction between groups

Interaction between groups

As part of the efn-MOBIL and Pillars of Sustainable Education Programms, students from the Masters IFDC (HS-OWL), Sustainable Environmental Energy and Façade Engineering of the (University of Bath) worked together around the topic LOCOL: Low cost, low-energy façade solutions for different climates. The students produced mock-ups that aim to solve problems of different climates.

Facade Workshop 2013

Facade Workshop 2013

Detmold group 2013

Workshop group 2013

The facade workshop 2013 was held in collaboration with German Association for Metal Gratings (IGI). Thirty five students from four universities and 21 nations took part in this workshop.

the future envelope conference – TU Delft

IFDC in the future envelope conference – TU Delft


the conference in Delft

It was interesting to attend the 7th edition of the future envelop conference in Delft, the theme of the conference was the “value” which gave a new perspective regarding the façades topic.

Presenting workshop results in Leverkusen

Presenting workshop results in Leverkusen


IFDC students

IFCD students, presenting a workshop results in the headquarter of Bayer material science company in Leverkusen.