Facade Workshop 2014 – Adaptive Envelopes

Facade workshop 2014

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Adaptive Facade Workshop in Lucerne

The Facade2014 Workshop took place from the 21st to 24th November 2014 in Luzern (Switzerland). It was organized by Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe  and  Hochschule Luzern. Students from IFDC, TU Delft and HS Luzern met in the workshop of Hochschule Luzern T&A (Technik & Architektur) building in Horw and worked together in five groups around the the Adaptive Facades topic.

Co-working and development of concepts

The workshop was held in 3 days. During these days students worked together as a group and developed the ideas regarding Adaptivity and new technologies. Before the workshop, IFDC students prepared their concepts and mock-ups. They achieved developed their ideas and could present fully functioning mock-ups.


Mock- ups produced by students

Furthermore, during the workshop students had a good experience at working in teams with students from other universites and by learning software tools such as Grasshopper and Firefly plugins for Rhino.

Developing  the ideas

Co-working and developing of the ideas

On the last day of the workshop, each group presented their projects to the professors, members of the academy and industry. They gave feedback, ideas and discussed around further developments.

Final presentations

Final presentations